Areas of commercial application of ICAR-CPCRI technologies belongs to (i) food processing; (ii) production of planting material

(iii) organic and other inputs for farming; and (iv) machinery and gadgets

(iv) Machinery and gadgets

Coconut desheller for separating copra

Tender nut punch and cutter

Telescopic sprayer for palms

Coconut deshelling machine

Testa remover


Double screw coconut milk expeller

VCO cooker (Biogas/LPG)

VCO cooker (Agrl waste fuel)

Single screw coconut milk expeller

Hydro-pneumatic milk extractor

Electrical Slicer

Coconut chips dryer (electrical)

Coconut chips dryer (Agrl waste fuel)

Snow Ball Tender Nut Machine

Copra dryer – 500 nuts; shell-fuel

Copra dryer – 1000 nuts; shell-fuel

Safety device coconut climbing machine

Solar dryer


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