Dream Big - Kalpa 2018

Technologies at a glance
Food Processing: Coconut chips; Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)-hot processed or through fermentation; KalparasaTM-unfermented coconut inflorescent sap; Coconut sugar; Carbonated coconut water; Vinegar; Kalpa Krunch; Frozen coconut delicacy.
Organic inputs: Technology know how on mass multiplication of Goniozus nephantidis-the parasitoid of coconut black headed caterpillar (Opisina arenosella), Metarhizium anisopliae-the green muscaridin fungi for the control of rhinoceros beetle and a Rhizobacterium-a biofertilizer; Technology for vermicomposting of coconut leaves; and Kalpa Gold, a soil less medium for nurseries.
Planting material: Varieties; Cryopreservation of coconut pollen; Coconut zygotic embryo culture and plumule culture; Molecular marker for hybrid authentication; and Arecanut tissue culture.
Machinery and gadgets: Coconut shell remover, Testa remover, Slicer, Pulverizer, Milk extractor, Double jacketed vessel with auto stirrer for production of VCO, Tender coconut punch and cutter, Snow ball tender coconut making machine.
Others: Nano-matrix for enhancing the effectiveness and extended period of use of pheromone for management of red palm weevil and rhinoceros beetle

“DREAM BIG – KALPA 2018” is for those who have dreams to setup business based on agricultural technologies and products available with CPCRI. Progressive farmers, micro, small and medium entrepreneurs, youth and women willing to establish agribusiness and all those who are interested to know about CPCRI technologies and products are most welcome.
Registration is on first-come, first-served basis and limited to maximum of three persons from an organisation. You can register either through online (www.cpcriagribiz.in) or send the duly filled registration form.
Registration closes on 25 January 2018.
Limited hostel/guest house accommodation (on twin sharing basis) is available, which will be reserved on request and allotted in the order of registration. Hostel facilities will be provided at free of cost for refreshing only. Hotel accommodation will be arranged on request. The participants have to meet the charges for accommodation.
Date & time
31 January 2018 9.00 am to 5.00 pm



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